At a recent Gong Resonance Therapy workshop (learning how to Bang-A-Gong) in Sarasota, I meet physicist Thomas Anderson. Thomas was a guest lecturer at the workshop, led by Mike and Gallina Tamburo  who together make up the Crown of Eternity sound experience.  Thomas was explaining the physics of “resonant frequency,” which is how many times something (like a gong stroke) cycles per second. Think of it as a sine wave or sound wave.

What does this have to do with color, you ask?

Let’s take the example of black-colored and pink-colored skins. Thomas explained that when white light hits black skin, all colors are absorbed and black is reflected back. So black is actually the color you aren’t. A back person is actually all colors. Pretty wild, eh? And get this: Pink absorbs all the frequencies of light that aren’t pink and reflects back the color pink.  A pink person is actually an anti-pink person.

This colors the concept of color, doesn’t it? And goes to show how insignificant is the color of one’s skin.

For further fun and learning, see Thomas Anderson, “The Unifying Principle of Sound,” in Being & Biology: Is Consciousness the Life Force?, edited by Brenda Dunne and Robert Jahn. ICRL Press, Princeton, NJ, 2017. For lots of fun, visit

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