Friends & Partners of Priscilla Estes

Mike Tamburo

 Mike serves people through vibration, sound, music, and energy healing. Through  extensive international tours with concerts, workshops, therapy sessions, and retreats, he has  helped thousands of people connect to their life energy and to self healing. Mike has developed his own style of relating to the therapeutic uses of sound, incorporating ancient wisdom and infusing it with creativity, playfulness and joy. 

Carolina Mountain Club (CMC)

 Almost 100 years old, CMC leads hikes, trains and leads trail worker teams, educates the publics, partners with youth, and works hand-in-hand with other organizations, such as the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (MST). Join now, or simply join us for hikes and trail work!

The Appalachian Mountain Club
The AMC is your connection to the outdoors. With chapters from Maine to D.C., enjoy outdoor activities and learn new outdoor skills. Click on the link and find a chapter near you! Look for the book 50 BEST DAY HIKES IN NEW JERSERY available now, by Priscilla Estes.

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Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves immune function and sleep.
  • Lowers stress (cortisol) and hypertension.
  • Builds balance, strength, and mental health.