Friends & Partners of Priscilla Estes

Crown of Eternity

 Crown of Eternity spend their lives serving people through vibration, sound, music, and energy healing. Through their extensive international tours with concerts, workshops, therapy sessions, and retreats they have helped thousands of people connect to their life energy and to self healing. Together, Mike and Gallina Tamburo have developed their own style of relating to the therapeutic uses of sound, incorporating ancient wisdom and infusing it with creativity, playfulness and joy. 

The Khalsa Healing Arts & Yoga Center


1 South Main Street, Yardley, PA 19067
(215) 321-0305

Healing Addictive Behavior: Yogic Science for Transformation
A Facebook page to connect with others in overcoming addiction. HAB features articles, meditations, workshops and other aids to help you live without relying on damaging behavior in this frenzied world. Use this page to find peace within.

Women for Sobriety
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome alcoholism and other addictions. Self-help groups around the country rely on the Thirteen Statements of positivity. Click on the WFS website and start your recovery today.

The Appalachian Mountain Club
The AMC is your connection to the outdoors. With chapters from Maine to D.C., enjoy outdoor activities and learn new outdoor skills. Click on the link and find a chapter near you! Look for the book 50 BEST DAY HIKES IN NEW JERSERY in 2017, by Priscilla Estes.

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Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves immune function and sleep.
  • Lowers stress (cortisol) and hypertension.
  • Builds balance, strength, and mental health.