Despite today’s circumstances with COVID-19, you can still celebrate Earth Day, today, tomorrow, and forever. Start now to make yourself, and the earth, feel better.

  1. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. We all have plastic bags now, courtesy of shopping in the age of COVID 19. Grab a bag, with gardening gloves on, and fill it up with pesky, windblown rubbish.
  2. Request permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which funds land from the Grand Canyon to many neighborhood hiking trails. Send a quick email to your state representative, saying, “Please permanently fund the LWCF. Thank you! #LWCF” Here’s how to find your representative:
  3. Plan a bird and butterfly garden now. Use this Native Plant Finder guide to explore what grows in your area. Then call your local nursery and place a pick-up order.

Now you are on your way to Certified Wildlife Habitat status.

Check out your local Audubon Society’s website for plant sales. Here’s a site for New Jersey:


  1. Be a rebel and let your lawn go wild! Or partially wild. A practical guide from Popular Mechanics, says, “A garden that’s planted purely by aesthetic decisions is like a car with no engine.”
  2. Support subscription-based birding and other wildlife services; let the experts do their jobs. It’s easy to buy a Federal Duck Stamp, or  to join a local or national conservation group and enjoy their membership benefits. While you’re at it, treat yourself by downloading a bird-identification app such as Merlin or Audubon ,

Start honoring Earth Day today, and commit to celebrating all year long!