Music with a beat helps patients with Parkinson’s to walk smoothly….Politics is how people attempt to manage conflict….Abraham Lincoln was skilled in the art of Fake New 150 years ago ….the “creative spark” is that moment when you connect what you already know and synthesize it into something new.

I learned much from on Saturday’s “One Day University” (google it) from four experts in the above-mentioned subjects: music and the brain; politics and race in America; fake news 150 years ago; how “Aha!” really happens.
How will I synthesize it for my own “Aha!” moment? Will I invent a new lightbulb, a more efficient assembly line, perhaps a new “penicillin” or even a new type of passive protest? Probably not.

Instead, I’ll do what most of us do every day: take my insights and show off my knowledge to others in order to impress them. Well, that’s step one (blush blush). But seriously, I’ll take what I learned and compare it to my current knowledge. I’ll shift my opinions based on the opinions of these learned presenters. And my life will change every so subtly.

And that’s how we live and grow. It’s that simple.