Yogi Bhajan is trash

What a crazy couple of weeks. Yogi Bhajan, the guru of Kundalini Yoga in the West, has been dethroned. I am saddened by the recent (alleged) revelations about him and the 3HO organization. Corruption. Rape. Money and power madness. Preying on women. Demoralizing students and staff. Actually, these revelations are old news, but they’ve been brought front and center by Pamela Dyson, a former 3HO employee, with her recent book, Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan. Are her, and others’, allegations true? Reliable sources say they are “credible.”

Hold on, let me go throw away my picture of Yogi Bhajan that has been on my shelf since 2012, when I completed Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. (Thunk.)

I am not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Yoga is yoga. Parts of Kundalini-Inspired Yoga work, for me anyway, no matter how much of it was personalized, or bastardized, by yogi bhajan. (I am deliberately typing his name in lower case.) But as my meditation teacher, Girish Jha, counsels, and this is just a partial quote from his wise soul,

“Please don’t get upset. Find out what is relevant for you. Relevancy means:
— how to end suffering
— how to awaken to our true nature
— what is the path
— what are the steps of the path….

“…Last but most important, the journey is
— who am I
— what is the world
— what is the existence
— how to think, live, work and speak in permanent peace, happiness, love and wisdom in day-to-day life.” https://girishjha.org/about-girish-jha.php

The End. And the Beginning.

UPDATE 5/25/20: The accusations against Bhajan and his organizations appear more than “credible.” They appear true and feasible and criminal. Wait for the Netflix movie, no doubt.