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CHAIR YOGA: by appointment in Priscilla’s beautiful mountain home in Waynesville, NC.


 “I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a 12-minute meditation. While I was doing it, it occurred to me it was long. BUT when I was gliding out to my car feeling 25, I was convinced it was a great idea. Feeling 25 when you are 80 is priceless. I’m still floating and I thank you!” Jan, Levittown, PA

” …on the days I see you, I do not seem to need my second dose of pain med. for my arthritis. Plus I am sleeping better. Thank you!”

“Just wanted to send you a message of thank you for showing me that stretch for the sciatic nerve!!!…It keeps trying to come back but each time I [do what you showed me, I] usually start to feel immediate relief. Thanks again…!!”

“I saw my doctor after yoga class and my blood pressure was way down. He said, ‘What have you been doing?’ Yoga!”













Special Announcements

Contact Priscilla at for specially tailored yoga and meditation workshops for your church, mosque, synagogue, gurdwara; your association’s annual meeting; monthly meetings of your social or philanthropic club; for any special event; or for private lessons (sliding scale fee available).

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